Our Services

Strategic Management and Institutional Development

Management practices and business processes in an organization are designed to achieve specific goals and objectives. As objectives and external environment change, business processes and management practices inevitably also need to change.

At ЕСА, we have designed an approach to enterprise restructuring aimed at addressing the problems facing enterprises in transitional economies

Our services include:

    • Company and Business Diagnostics, assessment of company/organization activity;
    • Conducting SWOT analysis;
    • Developing corporate strategies, strategic planning and assisting with a company’s implementation of its strategy;
    • Operational Management and business process analysis;
    • Preparation of Business Plans;
    • Profitability analysis by product lines, operating divisions, distribution channels and customer types;
    • Definition and introduction of new corporate and organizational structures, including the establishment of autonomous business units;
    • Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and management reporting requirements;
    • Assessment and rationalization of key business processes in production, logistics, purchasing, sales and marketing;
    • Design and implementation of computerized Management Information Systems;
    • Providing training on Strategic management