Strengthening of citizen's trust in relation to elections is the main goal of the reform of improving the electoral system of the Kyrgyz Republic

15 2018

Director of ECA Consultancy  Mr. Talantbek Sakishev as an independent expert and member of the working group assisted in the development of the "Strategy for improving the legislation on elections of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018-2020."
During the project Mr. T. Sakishev helped the working group to conduct SWOT analysis of the electoral system of the Kyrgyz Republic over the past 5 years, to formulate Values, Mission and Vision as well as to formulate the Strategic Goals, Objectives and Activities of the Strategy for the following three years.
This Strategy is going to solve such issues as voting of citizens residing outside of the country; peculiarities of the inclusiveness of the election process; issues of political culture and citizens' awareness of electoral rights; the development of political parties as institutions for the formation of elected bodies, and etc.
Mr. T. Sakishev also participated in the public dialogue on improving the electoral system in Kyrgyzstan which was held in Bishkek on May 11, 2018. The event was organized by the Public Foundation “Civil Platform” jointly with the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Kyrgyzstan and the working group on improving the electoral system of the Kyrgyz Republic with the financial support of the OSCE Office in Bishkek.
The representatives of the factions of the Jogorku Kenesh and political parties of the Kyrgyzstan, the leadership of the CEC, representatives of the State Registration Service (SRS), experts’ community, civil society activists, representatives of international organizations and the media took part in the public dialogue.
Ainura Usupbekova, Director of the Civil Platform Foundation, informed about the activities of the working group on development of the "Strategy for improving the legislation on elections of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018-2020".
" First of all, we decided to hold a public dialogue in Bishkek. Then since June of current year similar events will be held in the regions of Kyrgyzstan. It is important for us to hear the views of representatives of all regions. The draft of Strategy will be submitted to Jogorku Kenesh and then to the National Council for Sustainable Development of the Kyrgyz Republic” – Ainura Usupbekova said.
Following the results of the public dialogue, the participants focused on the fact that the key issue to the electoral reform in Kyrgyzstan should be the citizens' trust to the elections.
The event ended with a discussion and with development of proposals and recommendations for the draft of Strategy for improving the electoral legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.