SMEs growth is the basis for the development of the country's economy

21 2017

The consulting agency “Experts of Central Asia” (ECA Consultancy) within the Small Business Advisory Program under the financial support of the Government of Switzerland has successfully completed the project for the organizational development of  “Dayir Auto” auto service complex  (for Private Entrepreneur Mr. Stamov Emil) located in the city of Karakol.

The auto service “Dayir Auto” was established in 2010 in the city of Karakol of Issyk-Kul oblast and their the main activities are as follows:

1)      Auto spare parts store (selling of spare parts for different models and brands of cars);

2)      Point of sale and services of replacement of motor, transmission and other oils;

3)      Car service station;

4)      Tire fitting shop (vulcanization of tires, balancing wheels, sale of tires and titanium disks, etc).

Nowadays, “Dayir Auto” covers the market of Karakol city and three neighboring regions (Jeti-Oguz, Ak-Suu and Tup) of Issyk-Kul oblast and it shows a certain growth in its development as well as it has financial stability, good and fast customer service. However, the company is being developed without a clearly defined strategy. Internal procedures and processes are performed without established operational rules. There is lack of knowledge of marketing in the company to use the marketing tools in customer services and its services promotion. The primitive elements of corporate culture are observed in the company. Also the deficiency of values and company standards negatively affect on the quality of customer service. Human resource management is not systematized which leads to chaotic work of the personnel in the company.

All problems mentioned above to some extent hampered the achievement of efficiency in the management of company and reaching the goals in expanding and introducing new services and products in the market of Karakol city. Therefore “Dayir Auto” company urgently needed the professional consulting services and applied for expert support to “ECA Consultancy” to assist in organizational development, improve management reporting system and improve the efficiency of the company's personnel.

Within the project the expert team consisting of Talantbek Sakishev, Edil Mamytbekov and Almazbek Urbaev helped “Dayir Auto” to:

  • Conduct the diagnosis/assessment of the company which included company internal and external environment analysis, mapping and business processes analysis “As Is”, development of effective recommendations for addressing identified gaps, improving efficiency and optimization of business processes as “Should Be”;
  • Develop of a medium-term strategy for “Dayir Auto” including conducting training in strategic management, marketing, SWOT analysis, development of mission, vision, values, goals and objectives, as well as development of action plan to promote “Dayir Auto” products and services, branding, customer services and etc;
  • Develop and implement a modern HRM system including the development of a new organizational structure and system of job descriptions for company employees with elements of KPI, development of the corporate culture, procedures, standards and instructions for servicing and working with the clients;
  • Carry out trainings for “Dayir Auto” employees to work with a new business model for implementing the management reporting system and improving management effectiveness.

The management of “Dayir Auto” and “ECA Consultancy” expert team are confident that after the introduction of the new management model the company will significantly improve the efficiency of the personnel and will raise the level of customer service which ultimately to increase the sales. The management of “Dayir Auto” has expressed its deep gratitude to the ECA expert team for the services rendered at a high professional level and it showed its readiness for further close cooperation on other projects in the future.