2176 Principals of Schools and Representatives of the Regional Education Departments gained the skills on planning their education institutions

16 2017

Starting from March 13th till December 1st of 2017 Еxperts of Central Asia (EСА, Kyrgyzstan) in the consortium with the Public "Global Development Fund" (from Armenia) and with Public Association "Issyk-Kul Sabaty" (Kyrgyzstan) carried out nationwide 5-day trainings for school directors and designated employees who are working within the system of Ministry of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic on the topic “Strategic Planning and Financial Management in the Schools”. These trainings were implemented in the framework of “Sector Support for Education Reform (SSER) Project / Improved Management and Accountability of School Resources/ Trainings For School Directors” under the funding of the International Development Association (World Bank group). 

In execution of the project Scope of Work the experts of ECA Consultancy (lead partner of Consortium) have developed a General Concept, Training Plan, Training Modules and Guidance for managing, planning and financing in the system of public school education for school principals and regional educational institutions as well being involved in overall management of education process in the regions.

Within 7 months there were 85 training sessions in total throughout Kyrgyzstan where 2091 Directors of Secondary Schools and 85 Representatives of the Regional Education Departments as well took part in the trainings.
During the 5-day trainings and interactive group discussions the school principals based both on theories and practical cases have mastered such following skills as:

• Elaboration of the School Development Plans and General Management in public schools;
• Financial Management and Normative Funding (per capita) in the public schools;
• Application of school reporting cards as an instrument of accountability; 
• Involvement of communities (parents, civil society, local government bodies) in the processes of school management;
• Organization of activities of Boards of Trustees; 
• Organization and conducting of budget hearings.

Also the directors of schools have learned the existing regulatory framework in the field of public finance in the education sector as well as the standards of budget funding per 1 student, have calculated the budget of their schools in all respected items, were able to identify and manage the financial risks of schools and analyzed their causes. During the practical classes the directors were able to prepare and to fill out the forms of budget requests in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and learned the procedure for attracting extra-budgetary funds.

All trainings were conducted in compliance with all generally accepted requirements to the organization of educational activities with using a variety of modern technologies, with creation of emotional comfort and situations of success for each training participant. At the end of each training, the outcomes of trainings were summed up and the school directors were awarded certificates for successful completion of 40-hours training modules on "Strategic Planning and Financial Management in the Schools".