About Us


Experts of Central Asia – provides multi-sectoral consulting services regarding Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) for Governmental Agencies, Private Businesses, International Donor Organizations and NGOs in Kyrgyzstan and throughout the Central Asia Region. ECA provides its expertise through a team of highly motivated and dedicated professional experts respected in the wide range of fields, such as:

  • Economic Development,
  • Agriculture and Rural Development,
  • Energy,
  • Environment,
  • Education,
  • Infrastructure, 
  • SME Development,
  • Social issues,
  • Trade,
  • Tourism,
  • Law and Judiciary.

Steps to Success

Our Mission

To assist our clients in their development through the provision of professional advice, expertise, share the knowledge and to provide the best and most suitable business solutions needed by our customers


To lead management consulting in Central Asia.

Our philosophy

The customer is first: ECA is a customer-oriented company offering high-quality services that suit the clients’ needs, while respecting the best interests of each country in which it operates. We offer our customers top local and international experts capable of providing high quality and proven service.

Our values

ECA provides its services to clients on principles of:

  • competence and professionalism,
  • high standard of quality,
  • integrity, independence and objectivity.

Our Team

Talantbek T. Sakishev
Managing Director
Certified Management Consultant. Expert in the area of public administration, strategic planning and strategic management, conducting SWOT analysis both in governmental agencies as well as in private sector.
Raida Bashirova
Finance Manager / Economist
Leading expert in economics, management, finance, logistics, HR and institutional development. Extensive work experience with both government institutions and private companies.
Edil is a leading expert in conducting comprehensive assessments of public agencies, strategic planning and management of governmental agencies and private sector, as well as conducting Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA).
Almazbek Urbaev
Business Development Manager/Business Analyst
Specializes on Financial Analysis, Strategy Management, Organization Change & Development, Performance Improvement Tools (HICD), Marketing and Risk Management

Our Advantages

Strong Mission

We develop our customers – we develop ourselves! ECA highly values its employees, the greatest asset of the company, and creates conditions for its employees continuing professional development. We promote, protect and maintain professional independence, a strategic factor in the provision of quality services. We have a creative approach to providing any new services: while improving business processes and products of our valuable customers we improve business processes within our own company. Even though ECA has highly qualified experts almost in every industry, we are committed to open and equal cooperation with other international consulting companies around the world that need a reliable partner in Central Asia.


While working with clients ECA always:

  • Respects client's requirements and comply with the terms of confidentiality;
  • Without client’s permission never uses the information for its own purposes;
  • Is responsible for the services, knowledge and skills;
  • Establishes a partnership, mutual understanding and realistic expectations for the services provided;
  • Do not allow the possibility of conflicts of interest in their work;
  • Brings innovations and develops creative solutions;
  • Works for the success of its partners and customers;
  • Contributes to the prosperity of the country in which it operates.
We share our knowledge for mutual development and achievement of the goals.

Associated ECA Experts

Our database includes a large number of experts - specialists in various industries of economy and public administration as well.

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